Your partner for the future

  • Man and Environment
    In order to give our children and ourselves a clean future, it is absolutely necessary to recycle glass. The environment benefits from the use of glass cullet for the glass production process. GRL is continuously innovating and guarantees ecologically and economically justified processing methods.

    Most raw materials for the production of glass must be dug out. That disrupts the ecological balance. By using more recycled glass cullet, fewer raw materials have to be dug out.
    Because GRL collects and processes waste glass, the amount of glass in the total waste production is decreased considerably. Since glass is processed and re-used, it disappears from the waste cycle. It no longer burdens the environment.
    During the processing, different waste materials are drawn from the glass flow that can be recycled themselves.

  • Decrease CO2 emission
    The use of recycled glass cullet leads to a number of environmentally friendly advantages. The decisively lower emission of CO2 implies an active contribution to the protection of our climate and the environment.
  • Re-use
    Glass can be molten for an infinite number of times without loss of quality.
  • Savings
    You can save considerably on energy by using recycled glass cullet for the production of glass bottles and jars instead of raw materials. The melting temperature of recycled glass is considerably lower.
  • Some advantages of recycling for the environment
    A lower emission of CO2: up to 45% less CO2 than when using raw materials in the production of green glass at 90% use of cullet,
    – Lower energy consumption: per 4 % cullet use, 1% of energy is saved.
    – No or hardly any raw materials need to be dug out.
    – Landfill remains limited.

It is obvious that the use of recycled glass in the production of new glass is increasing.