My window is broken: sorting tips!

What can you do with broken windows? As a consumer, you can decide on the future of your broken flat glass. A growing number of recycling centres joint the collection system for float glass. GRL was the first to offer the collection system through small containers at recycling centres. A thorough training of park guards, an unambiguous sorting message to the environmentally conscious consumer and a well-organized collection and processing system give used float glass a new life. Because you, as a consumer, have a large influence on the life cycle of broken float glass, so we find it necessary to inform you.

What belongs in the float glass containers?

  • reinforced float glass
  • mirrors
  • double glazing (with or without separators)
  • greenhouse glazing
  • tempered float glass
  • single float glazing
  • coloured float glass

What does NOT belong in the float glass containers?

  • other types of glass, such as bottles (packaging glass), lamps, television screens, laboratory equipment ,etc.
  • laminated glass (windshields, bullet-proof windows): these types of glass require special treatment. Mixing them with ordinary float glass hinders the recycling of float glass.
  • Ceramic glass (glass cooking plates, furnace windows, etcetera): the composition of this glass is so different from that of normal float glass that we must keep it separated from this flow.
  • Waste: does not belong in a glass container at all!