Facts from the past, prosperity for the future!

When in 1933 we started the transport of coal and building materials, glass recycling was still unknown. Later on, the family company started transporting raw materials for the glass industry. As pioneers in the collection of waste glass, we quickly realised the added value of processing waste glass into a re-usable raw material. The company that started processing waste glass in 1980 has become a leading company in logistics and recycling in Europe and beyond.

TRANSPORT VAN SWARTENBROUCK is a dynamic company with highly trained and motivated co-workers and specialises in logistic services handling bulk products for the industry and the collection of waste glass.
Our wide range of transportation means, crane trucks, container trucks (16-37 m³), ultra light aluminium tipping-trailers, float glass containers (1-2 m³), bottle banks (26-48 m³) and covered trucks with or without ADR offers solutions for your logistic problems.

In 2013 Kempisch Recyclagebedrijf joined the G.R.L. Group. Due to this acquisition we became a large player in the field of glass collecting in Flanders. By doing this we provide a constant flow of glass towards our recycling plant.

G.R.L.-GLASRECYCLING helps filler companies and float glass manufacturers with their glass waste problems. Float as well as packaging glass is processed into a new raw material using advanced processing machinery. Glass manufacturers all over the world acknowledge the quality of our recycled materials.

Since 2017 our companies are part of Remondis. More information on www.remondis.de

Our values

  • Customer-orientation

    Because of the family-based character of our company, we aim at long-term relationships with our customers. Our success is your success. That vision inspires us to offer you a unique added value.
  • People

    We gain the confidence from others by acting ethically sound and in good faith. Our management style is honest and respectful; we put our hart and soul into our company. Our company culture attracts active, driven and passionate people. Caring, appreciating and developing are central aspects.
  • Reliability and flexibility

    Our team of experienced and motivated co-workers is ready to respond to questions and requests from our customers and suppliers night and day. We find a reliable and flexible service very important.
  • Environment

    In addition to our social and economic goals, we want to protect our environment by turning waste into raw materials, thus offering our children a cleaner and healthier future.
  • Diversity

    As a company, we recognize individual values. We embrace diversity as a head start on the competition, which is crucial to our success. We are a true worldwide enterprise: geographically, strategically as well as culturally.
  • Innovation

    We want to change continuously to satisfy ourselves as well as our customers and partners. We stimulate creativity, innovation and calculated risks to improve the value of our company for our customers and ourselves. Technology is a strategic tool.