The Company

GRL opts for durable entrepreneurship by continuously aiming for economically and ecologically balanced processing methods….more


In order to organise the evacuation and recycling of glass waste flows, many fillers and flat glass companies have been…more

Customised collection

Packaging glass, such as bottles and jars from the Belgian consumer is collected through the well-known bottle banks….more


Only after the blowpipe was invented (around the beginning of our era), it was possible to give bottles and glasses a different shape…more


In order to give our children and ourselves a clean future, it is absolutely necessary to recycle glass. The environment benefits from the…more

Bottles sorting tips!

What can you do with empty packaging glass ? As a consumer, you decide what happens to used packaging glass….more

Windows sorting tips!

What can you do with broken windows? As a consumer, you can decide on the future of your broken flat glass….more